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Embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Local Government

Posted by Matt Culpin on May 30, 2024 3:14:48 PM

IEG4's Product Director Matt Culpin shares insight on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than just futuristic robots & complex algorithms; it's a powerful tool, from navigation apps to predictive text, that is seamlessly integrated into our daily routines. The same technology is also revolutionising local government operations and service delivery. Read his blog to discover more...

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Topics: automation, Innovation, Customer, Implementation, AI

Bridging the Digital Divide: Strategies for Encouraging Digital Inclusion

Posted by Peter Banahan on May 13, 2024 10:45:23 AM

`7 million households are without broadband or mobile internet access. Rising living costs have exacerbated this issue, resulting in 1 million people scaling back or entirely cancelling their internet services in the last year...'

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Topics: digital transformation, automation, service design, channel shift, customerengagement, Innovation, Customer Success

Delivering sustainable services, reducing carbon footprint and improving Customer experience:  An update on Southwark's digital journey

Posted by Norman Lockie on Apr 30, 2024 9:06:02 AM

"Automating high-volume customer interactions within Exchequer Services allows customers to readily access important information, and has meant the Council were able to reassign resources to other areas which contributed to a 22/23 in year collection improvement of 1.4% and arrears collection of £5.2m up by £2.6m from 21/22"  highlights Norman Lockie, Head of Income Operations at Southwark Council

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Topics: benefits, automation, revenues, citizenaccess, Innovation, Customer

The right investment: How to efficiently implement Continuing Healthcare

Posted by Jackie Gill on Apr 3, 2024 2:54:17 PM

`When it comes to ensuring that people with complex health needs receive the best care after being looked after in a hospital setting, having a joined-up Continuing Healthcare process (CHC) is essential. And yet, about half of the Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) in England fall short of the 28-day deadline for arranging Continuing Healthcare for patients'. IEG4's CHC Product Manager Jackie Gill discusses how to efficiently implement Continuing Healthcare

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Topics: digital transformation, automation, service design, Continuing Healthcare, channel shift, customerengagement, Innovation

Understanding NPS Impact in the Public Sector: A Guide for Customers and Stakeholders

Posted by Peter Banahan on Mar 20, 2024 4:13:47 PM

`In today's digitally-driven and dynamic landscape of the public sector, understanding and leveraging customer feedback is pivotal for continuous improvement and ongoing innovation.  IEG4's Customer Success Director Peter Banahan discusses how a Net Promote Score can shape improvements...'

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Topics: digital transformation, automation, service design, channel shift, customerengagement, Innovation, Customer Success

How Scottish Councils can protect public services in the face of economic challenges.

Posted by Sally Riley on Jan 8, 2024 3:42:43 PM

`In today's rapidly evolving economic landscape, Scottish Councils stand at a crucial crossroads. Presented with a unique opportunity to both safeguard essential public services whilst supporting their stakeholders amidst financial constraints', IEG4's Business Development Manager Sally Riley discusses what strategies can be considered...

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Topics: digital transformation, automation, service design, channel shift, customerengagement, Innovation

Right To Buy - Complexity made simple with digital transformation

Posted by Jackie Gill on Jan 31, 2022 10:28:11 AM

Enabling a digital approach in response to the Right to Buy scheme offers great potential to simplify the current complex and lengthy process - discusses Jackie Gill, IEG4’s Product Manager

Right to Buy has been a pathway for people living in council-owned properties to purchase their homes since the scheme was passed in the 1980 Housing Act. It offers a more affordable house price and it has proven incredibly popular.

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Topics: digital local government, automation, lgaap, edesigner

Measuring the success of digital services in local government

Posted by Marcus Devaney on Aug 19, 2019 2:29:25 PM

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Isaac Newton penned his Third Law in the year 1687, and it’s fair to say he was not considering its relevance to digital transformation which would happen some 330 years later. But such is the use-case agnostic nature of this law that it very much holds true in the case of digital transformation in the public sector today.

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Topics: digital local government, digital transformation, automation, personalisation, service design, onevu

Councils & Digital 3.0

Posted by John McMahon on Feb 27, 2019 2:57:18 PM

When it comes to the next generation of digital solutions for local government, providing predictive, proactive and personalised information will be key. You could call this the ‘three Ps’ for short or put simply, Digital 3.0. The outcome? A better customer experience and a reduced workload on the Council. But what do we mean by predictive, proactive and personalised?

After installing the iOS 12 beta this summer, I saw a notification alerting me that I should call into a conference call in 12 minutes. Whilst this in itself was not unusual, the fact that the call wasn’t in my calendar was. Puzzled, I skimmed through my emails and could see that there was one where I had been asked to join a call but I hadn’t been sent a meeting invite. Using AI to scan my emails, my phone then predicted that I might want to join this call. There was more to come. When I clicked the aforementioned notification, it dialled the number and inputted the obligatory eight-digit pin and # symbol too. My mind was blown.

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Topics: digital local government, benefits, digital transformation, software, automation, revenues

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