IEG4 Insights

Improving the Citizen experience on your Website

Right To Buy - Complexity made simple with digital transformation

Messaging Dinosaurs...

Public Services of the Future - What Will Our Public Services of the Future Look Like for Citizens?

Collaboration - How Will We Promote Collaboration and Drive Innovation?

Catalysts for Change - What Emerging Technologies will be Most Important in Transforming Public Service Delivery?

A Citizen-First Approach to the Blue Badge Service

A New Normal - How Will the Tech Sector Continue to Support Public Services in a Post-COVID World?

Design Matters - Mobile

Keeping the Concessionary Travel Application Process Moving During Lockdown

Platforms and Potholes

DEVS, Digital Engines and the new normal in public sector digital

Assets, Aggregation and No Code Data Visualisation

Businesses Matter (Business Rates/Commercial Waste/Licensing)

Data Driven Services - Data Driven Places

Increased Dignity Through Digital Processes

Stopping Duplicate Tasks & Increasing Citizen Engagement

They Ask, You Answer - Using an Outcome-Based Approach

Is your customer ready to adopt innovation?

Proactive Prevention - Personalisation Through Assessment

Blue Badge Administration - Relentless Focus on the End-user Experience Drives Channel Shift in Blue Badge Processing

Taking Service Directories Mainstream

Keeping Customers in the Loop

Opening doors and unlocking the potential of better customer service

Because Councils are Different – Blue Badge Flexible Workflow and No Code

Prevention, Orchestration, Automation

GOV.UK Notify — Noteworthy?

Blue Badge Administration - Bespoke Solutions from Standard Software

Closing the digital loop

How can you measure the success of digital services in local government?

Six ways to build a successful customer self-service strategy

Digitising continuing healthcare from hospital to home

Integrating online forms through a common core

Think Differently - Preventing fraud and increasing automation

Think Differently - Creating a Next Gen Blue Badge Service

Digital Backbone of ongoing transformation

Making Innovation Possible

Council in a Box

Think Differently - Location, Location, Location

Part 2: Is social care broken? Will place based help?

Politics, people and perfectionism stifling place-based care

Councils & Digital 3.0

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