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Digitising CHC is the fuel for ICS's change engine

Posted by Lisa O'Neill on Feb 22, 2023 1:20:52 PM
Lisa O'Neill
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`As the Integrated Care Systems (ICS) structure continues to develop in 2023, how can we look to transform and improve the Continuing Healthcare (CHC) process through digitisation?' discusses Lisa O'Neill , IEG4's CHC Specialist


As the Integrated Care Systems (ICS) structure continues to develop in 2023, how can we look to transform and improve the Continuing Healthcare (CHC) process through digitisation? And how can transforming this service set a model that will support the success and ultimate benefits that the move from Clinical Commissioning Groups to an ICS might bring? 


Digitising CHC is essential 


Digitisation can support the aim of ICS’s by providing a better joined up framework of professionals working together to support the needs of patients applying for funding through the CHC service.  The acceleration of digital adoption has seen many examples of successful joint working in health and social care, such as supporting Discharge to Assess. 


Where this funding is coming from, either through the NHS or the local authority, is only part of the jigsaw. It’s just as important that a package of care that fully meets the patient’s needs is created. 


The availability of solutions that digitise the entire CHC process means that there’s a real opportunity to share relevant data much more effectively and to create a shared directory of services and provider information. This will enable better communication with the patient and their representatives, involving them more in the process and helping them understand what the optimal package of care could be. 


Realise ROI and improve the situation for patients and the NHS


ICBs’ CHC teams assess some of the most complex and vulnerable patients within our communities and it is vital that every case is assessed, reviewed and managed in a timely and professional manner to ensure better health experiences.  


IEG4’s innovative, digital end-to-end CHC solution provides optimal patient outcomes and experience by driving increased productivity via workflow processes which speed up the decision-making process. Information flows seamlessly between processes, reducing duplication and the self-service portals give both patients and providers the opportunity to digitally interact in real-time with the NHS regarding the CHC process.  


Innovation requires investment in not just technology but in the people involved in the end-to-end process. IEG4’s Digital CHC solution provides NHS organisations with the opportunity to refresh, develop and improve the CHC process and ensure the efficient use of public resources. 


The benefits CHC digitisation - creating a better way of working   


There are many benefits to digitising CHC that will provide workflow efficiencies and improve the interoperability of different systems across different areas of health and social care, something critical to the success of ICS.

For example: 

•    Digital referrals cut down on paperwork, reduce errors and lost information, and support a standardised approach
•    It provides the ability to streamline processes and improve workflow through optimised CHC pathways. Thus ensuring a more efficient use of NHS resources
•    Moving to a digital model speeds up the decision-making process – digital channels support quicker and better communication and greater involvement of patients in their care
•    It promotes remote and agile working; virtual multidisciplinary teams remove the need for professionals to be in the same place at the same time, which offers more flexibility for staff and results in quicker assessments
•    It improves enhanced communication with providers by keeping data more relevant and up to date. In turn this reduces overpayments and invoice queries, which speeds up correct payments to care providers. 


IEG4’s Digital CHC solution – Delivering real benefits to a critical process


IEG4’s Digital CHC solution supports all these benefits and more. It allows digital entry of e-Checklists, e-Assessments & e-DSTs mirroring the NHSE National Framework. Workflow automation accelerates communications with stakeholders working on Standard and Fast Track CHC processes.


IEG4 is working in partnership with Cheshire and Merseyside ICB and Cheshire Wirral Partnership to deliver an end-to-end digital system that will support organisations administering CHC services. 


If you would like more information, please visit our dedicated web page, or contact us here. 




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