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Assets, Aggregation and No Code Data Visualisation

Posted by Andrew Cope on Apr 9, 2020 3:30:00 PM
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In an earlier blog, we talked about how we enhanced our eDesigner (IEG4’s online forms builder) product to enable non-technical users to capture geo-location based incidents. This was but one of the Lego blocks we had in mind when shaping services that revolve around location.

Essentially, capturing where an issue is, without code, enabled teams to build ‘Report it’ functions that are simple for customers to use.

Four other blocks of Lego were in our minds. We’ve now delivered three of these:

  • The ability to create a process/case that contains the location captured without code
  • The ability to retrieve the existing cases to prevent duplicate reports without code
  • The ability to retrieve data on assets/defects/layers of data from other systems without code

Since October 2019, we also have a further four functions that enable teams to build intelligent services that automate work and prevent duplication:

 Blog 1

To provide an example, the environmental health team within a council want to build a ‘Report Fly Tipping’ online service. They’ve built an online form and as they’ve got the ability to surface known incidents these are highlighted to the customer as they report them. As soon as the report is submitted the citizen can then track it. Other citizens that might see the same dumped items can see what the council is already aware of within the ‘Your Area’ section of OneVu:

Blog 2


This is due to the fact that the solution is capable of both surfacing processes being tracked within OpenProcess

Blog 3


…and that data can be surfaced from a line of business systems like Yotta’s Alloy solution,  shown here, so that it is updated the moment the back office system is updated.

 Blog 4

 This functionality extends to other types of assets/plans that a council may have. For example, being able to surface details of all scheduled maintenance works that the council is proposing to do over the coming months. This could be to garner support or feedback; or to even engage further with communities.

 Blog 5

 These capabilities are powerful because they are made possible without any technical knowledge being required.

With IEG4’s products we don’t seek to hold all of the data. We want to provide the tools that enable you to deliver better user experiences despite the fact that data sits in different places. IEG4 are breaking down silos and building government in blocks that transcend these silos.

NB Those of you that were eagle-eyed will note that we never advised you what the additional Lego block is. That’s for next time in our blog: Prevention enabled by Bots.


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